Thematic trips

The thematic trips arise thought for a more curious tourist profile and wanting something different.

The human being is insatiable by nature. It’s been a long time since we settled for a normal vacation, as the old people would say. We seek to go further. We are curious and adventurous, there has been a generational change on the part of the clients who travel in a group, at present it has more information and greater concerns. Therefore, as a company we are prepared and specialized for all this type of group travel, offering everything necessary for the proper development of your trip.

Thematic tourism is in fashion, we want to introduce you to several innovative and interesting ways of group themed trips:

Industrial Tourism

It is a form of cultural tourism that, in recent times, is booming. Whether in its heritage or historical aspect (visiting old factories, mines, mills and other facilities that have ceased their productive activity and that have been put into tourist-cultural value) or living industry (visiting companies currently active), tourism industrial allows us to know the reality of a territory, its history and economic activity; understand their urban development and interpret the landscape. In short, know what they have lived, and live, the inhabitants of the destination visited. Industrial tourism, then, is tourism for the curious, for those interested in history, in people, and the one that allows us to reach the very marrow of a society and a territory. It is the essence of tourism!

Architectural Tourism

This kind of tourism is mainly dedicated to know the most outstanding places in terms of architecture of a whole city, recognize the influences that marked the destiny of an entire urban or rural area as well as the appreciation of each space in set. They are in general terms a mixture of urban modernity and architectural tradition of past centuries, through this way of traveling you visit places either architectural styles in particular, by architect in question that could influence the planning of a particular region. You can also visit several places following the punch of contemporary or classic architects.

Thermal tourism

The practice of tourism is not incompatible with the care of our health and the care of our body. That is why for some years now the alternative of enjoying our vacations taking care of our body is being imposed and what has been called thermal tourism has emerged.

The benefits of thermal tourism related to health are many but this type of tourism will also allow us to discover charming places where we will enjoy and spend a few days relaxed and calm.

The different establishments that we can find around the world offer, depending on the kind of thermal water that you have, different types of treatments for body care. Therapies to take care of our health or simply to enjoy massages that we They will help us to relax and forget about the stress that we accumulate throughout the year. They also offer us treatments to improve the condition of our skin; in short, a wide range of possibilities to enjoy.

Mythological Tourism

For lovers of mystery, this is a very advisable type of tourism, visits are made to places or spaces full of legends, mysticism, mystery and esotericism. All these legends are nourished by the beliefs and faith of the people who inhabited the destinations to visit.

Turismo Marinero

They allow accompanying fishermen during a working day, knowing their customs and gastronomy come out on the coasts and, contribute to give visibility to these professionals of the sea, thanks to the diffusion of a traditional trade linked to the production of a food of value, such as fish or seafood, and the interest that your day to day arouses among outsiders and locals. It can be practiced in the sea and also on land, since apart from the shipment it includes visits to fish markets, Aquaculture Companies, Shellfish, etc.