Cinematographic and literary

It is the leisure activity linked to geographical locations related to the cinema. The iteineraries of the group trips of this theme are usually based on: sites where the plot of a film is developed, filming locations of cinematographic productions, populations linked to the lives of actors, producers, writers or directors….

Our company has used geographical locations to generate a trip on a particular production.

The same goes for literary trips. Celtravel develops an itinerary for a group trip following the locations that appear in a literary novel.

Therefore, our company creates a trip combining the locations that appear in films and novels with cultural visits to towns and monuments of interest.

Thus we obtained a highly specialized trip of great interest for lovers of cinema and literature.

Adventure and active tourism

It can be defined as a kind of tourism in which the person is involved in natural, physical or cultural excursions and that take the individual out of their comfort or comfort zone, always looking for the best natural places that they can provide. the realization of said sports or outdoor activities.

Next we will mention the different activities that our company can manage so that your group can enjoy an adventure trip and exciting multi-adventure activities: hiking, trekking, canyoning, paint ball, rafting, kayaking, mountaineering, descent of rivers, cycling, via ferrata, skiing, surfing, windsurfing, etc.

Gastronomic and oenological

A form of tourism that advocates the discovery of local cultures, especially the culinary ones, through the experimentation of the autochthonous gastronomy and enology of the region that is visited.

Gastronomy and oenology has also become an important reason to visit a destination and the choice of it. Our company covers 3 eminently gastronomic destinations: Spain, Portugal and France.

They are gastronomic and enological paradises, we have a department specialized in this type of Travel. We organize by regions, travel in groups visiting wineries of the main Designations of Origin of the destination, these visits are combined with tasting lunches in accredited local restaurants, tasting all the local and regional gastronomy, finally all this we paired with cultural visits to beautiful sites. And so we got a spectacular trip.

Congresses and incentives

The organization of Congresses and Conventions requires a great strategic, logistical and operative capacity to successfully face the different phases and areas of this activity.

At Celtravel we are specialists in this type of events, offering a comprehensive service to the client, so that he only has to enjoy the experience.

In the same way, incentive trips represent a key differential between companies. Betting on this type of event is investing in satisfaction, productivity and loyalty. For this reason, our incentives always seek to leave a mark. Our premise is to build moments that are remembered, giving emotional value to our experiences and taking care of each assistant with the best possible treatment.

Regarding the organization of major events. Our experience in this field allows us to offer a wide range of options and be with our clients from the initial idea to the end of the experience, pampering every detail to offer a comprehensive and personalized service.

Sport events

Our company is very specialized in the organization of all kinds of sports events of any category and volume.

We have organized national and international championships in basketball, handball, soccer, cycling and triathlon. We know the needs of each sport in all the championships we have organized, we adapt our offer to the budget of the sports federation in question, or the clubs in particular.

We offer all the services you need: hotels, transportation, meals and special diets, we adapt schedules based on sports competitions, physiotherapists, necessary logistics for technical staff, etc.


MICE is a concept mainly related to business travel services, which refers to the planning, organization and development of: meetings, incentive trips, conferences and events.

MICE is a linked dynamic element to the realization of work, leisure, professional and / or associative activities through the holding of business meetings, congresses, conventions, incentive trips and other meetings similar to these, such as conferences, product presentations in the section company, conferences, symposiums, forums, seminars, courses, etc.

We are the link between your company and the range of possibilities that exist to carry out your project.

For this type of travel, Celtravel can do the integral management of the event in question, in everything related to: hotels, transportation, hostesses, booking of conference rooms or palaces, audiovisual media, stand assembly, catering, etc. , etc.

Religious tourism

Religious tourism, unlike all other segments of the tourism market, is obviously one of those with faith as its fundamental motivation. Today, the holy cities that have historically been the object of pilgrimage – such as Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome – are still important points of reference in the sector.

The religious tourism sector is firmly established in Europe – where it is estimated that more than fifteen million people carry out some type of religious tourism – and Latin America.

There are several positions regarding what is included in this type of tourism, but in general it can be considered to cover both visits to shrines or sacred places and pilgrimages, as well as visits to tombs of saints, assistance and participation in religious celebrations. A little more discussed are the canonizations, visits to religious leaders, eucharistic congresses, holy years, etc.

Our company has destinations with a strong religious component: Santiago de Compostela, Fatima, Lourdes, as well as different Marian places that we can find in Spain and France.

Therefore we are able to manage the groups with this theme and their specific needs, such as visits to holy places, hotels with certain services for this type of groups, etc.

Thematic trips

The thematic trips arise thought for a more curious tourist profile and wanting something different.

The human being is insatiable by nature. It’s been a long time since we settled for a normal vacation, as the old people would say. We seek to go further. We are curious and adventurous, there has been a generational change on the part of the clients who travel in a group, at present it has more information and greater concerns. Therefore, as a company we are prepared and specialized for all this type of group travel, offering everything necessary for the proper development of your trip.

Thematic tourism is in fashion, we want to introduce you to several innovative and interesting ways of group themed trips:

Industrial Tourism

It is a form of cultural tourism that, in recent times, is booming. Whether in its heritage or historical aspect (visiting old factories, mines, mills and other facilities that have ceased their productive activity and that have been put into tourist-cultural value) or living industry (visiting companies currently active), tourism industrial allows us to know the reality of a territory, its history and economic activity; understand their urban development and interpret the landscape. In short, know what they have lived, and live, the inhabitants of the destination visited. Industrial tourism, then, is tourism for the curious, for those interested in history, in people, and the one that allows us to reach the very marrow of a society and a territory. It is the essence of tourism!

Architectural Tourism

This kind of tourism is mainly dedicated to know the most outstanding places in terms of architecture of a whole city, recognize the influences that marked the destiny of an entire urban or rural area as well as the appreciation of each space in set. They are in general terms a mixture of urban modernity and architectural tradition of past centuries, through this way of traveling you visit places either architectural styles in particular, by architect in question that could influence the planning of a particular region. You can also visit several places following the punch of contemporary or classic architects.

Thermal tourism

The practice of tourism is not incompatible with the care of our health and the care of our body. That is why for some years now the alternative of enjoying our vacations taking care of our body is being imposed and what has been called thermal tourism has emerged.

The benefits of thermal tourism related to health are many but this type of tourism will also allow us to discover charming places where we will enjoy and spend a few days relaxed and calm.

The different establishments that we can find around the world offer, depending on the kind of thermal water that you have, different types of treatments for body care. Therapies to take care of our health or simply to enjoy massages that we They will help us to relax and forget about the stress that we accumulate throughout the year. They also offer us treatments to improve the condition of our skin; in short, a wide range of possibilities to enjoy.

Mythological Tourism

For lovers of mystery, this is a very advisable type of tourism, visits are made to places or spaces full of legends, mysticism, mystery and esotericism. All these legends are nourished by the beliefs and faith of the people who inhabited the destinations to visit.

Turismo Marinero

They allow accompanying fishermen during a working day, knowing their customs and gastronomy come out on the coasts and, contribute to give visibility to these professionals of the sea, thanks to the diffusion of a traditional trade linked to the production of a food of value, such as fish or seafood, and the interest that your day to day arouses among outsiders and locals. It can be practiced in the sea and also on land, since apart from the shipment it includes visits to fish markets, Aquaculture Companies, Shellfish, etc.


Receptives of the world, Receptive Tourism Center, Specialists, Receptive Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, DMC, DMC’s, Incoming agencies, 目的地 管理 公司, Receptifs, Incoming agentur …. call us as you wish.

Thanks to our extensive experience and our team of experts we are able to offer the best incoming services to satisfy the needs of travel agencies and tour operators from anywhere in the world. If you have a group that wants to travel through Spain, Portugal, France and Andorra do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you!

We work with travel agencies around the world, to which we provide personalized service, adapting at all times to the specific needs and needs of their customers during their stay in our destinations. From itinerary proposals to the smallest detail: accommodation, transfers, excursions, itineraries, tour guides, museum reservations, restaurants, gastronomy, shows, etc.

We advise, advising the best options for each case, looking for destinations, routes and activities of interest, in which the offer is of quality outside the conventional tourist programs. We have special and very competitive rates with our suppliers.

We work for professionals who need a true specialist in the destination, who can provide receptive services with the highest quality, professionalism and total confidence. We are the specialists that will help you organize your group trips, in the destinations of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and France.

Thanks to our experience in the market, and a perfect knowledge of the destination, our team can design, coordinate and manage all types of trips tailored for your groups, taking care of your clients at all times, from the same destination, to your absolute tranquility. Our travel proposals are adapted to all types: Cultural routes, art, music, theater, sports, incentives; No matter what subject you request, we can offer you the most appropriate offer for your clients.

We work on a regular and stable basis, with a series of service providers, who have been carefully selected, and with whom we maintain collaboration agreements, which allows us to have exclusive contracts, thanks to which we can guarantee our customers the most exclusive services, the best prices and the best service in the market.

Celtravel puts at your immediate reach the wide range of services of a receptive tour operator specialized in Groups.

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is the most important pilgrimage route in Europe and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Millions of pilgrims in recent centuries have traveled the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, one of the most important routes of Christianity next to Rome and Jerusalem. Over time, the forms and motivations of this pilgrimage, previously exclusively on foot and always driven by religious faith, have changed a lot. Today the Camino is for anyone who wants to enjoy it on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The spirituality and magic of the Camino remain intact, and over the centuries, places full of history, magical legends and a first-rate artistic-cultural heritage were forged along the Camino. Towns and cities await us, some of them World Heritage Sites. The Camino also means knowing changing landscapes, from the green of the mountains in the Pyrenees to the roaring of the Atlantic in Galicia. Mountain passes, fertile valleys, lonely villages, markets, fairs, etc. will appear naturally at our pace.

Our company offers its groups all the necessary services for the correct development for this type of group travel. Below, we present some of the routes that can be followed to reach Santiago de Compostela.

French Way

Leaving Saint Jean de Pied de Port, in the French Pyrenees, the Camino joins this French town with Santiago de Compostela and is called the French Way. It is the most important and popular pilgrimage axis of the pilgrimage and also the busiest, since all the routes that run through Spain end up coming together at one point or another with it. The layout of this road in Spain and France is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Camino del Norte

Also known as “Camino de la Costa” or “Camino de Santiago del Norte” is one of the oldest routes. It crosses the Iberian peninsula from east to west, bordering, in a serpentine way, the entire coastal cornice of Cantabria. From Irún to Santiago de Compostela, the northern route covers 824 kilometers. It is the second longest route of the roads that cross Spain to reach the capital of Compostela, behind the Vía de la Plata. The route is divided into 34 stages of approximately 25 kilometers, although many of them exceed 30 kilometers. The final destination of this route, as in all the routes of the Camino de Santiago, is the capital of Compostela.

Portuguese Way

It is the Jacobean path that runs through Portugal from south to north, from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. A total of 620 kilometers divided into 25 stages ranging from 15 to 32 kilometers. Like most itineraries of the Camino de Santiago, the final destination is clear, the tomb of Santiago located in the heart of Galicia. However, the start can be made from anywhere in the Portuguese Way. Each pilgrim chooses from where to begin his pilgrimage, depending on the section he wishes to visit, as well as his available time.

Lisbon is the official start of this itinerary towards Santiago de Compostela. However, Santarém, Coimbra, Oporto and Braga are also common places to start the route, among the pilgrims who choose this path to travel the Camino de Santiago. The old town of Tui, the gateway to Spain from Portugal, is another of the most common starting points. Given its proximity to the capital of Compostela, is one of the favorite starting points among those who have a few days (a long bridge, for example), but want to complete the tour by visiting the tomb of the Apostle.


Our company has a long specialization in the organization of end-of-course trips for schools, institutes and universities. Advising and organizing end-of-course trips to numerous students and school groups as well as institutes and universities. Our motto is to achieve for our clients a unique, fun and unforgettable experience.

We offer a wide range of end-of-course travel possibilities that always seek to meet the needs of each group in particular as well as being characterized by being highly personalized and affordable.

We take care of managing all the necessary services for the development of the trip: transport with luxury bus during the whole tour, accommodation in hotels, hostels or abergues, cultural visits to museums, monuments, excursions to cities and towns.

We also have a wide variety of recreational activities to be developed in the destinations to be visited, such as: multi-adventure activities, sports, active tourism, theme parks, workshops, etc.

The organization of each trip is unique and unrepeatable.

The professional team of our company is fully aware of the great importance and significance for the teachers, tutors and parents of the students of the safety of their trips at the end of the course. That is why we only work with suppliers that guarantee 100% the security of their facilities, activities and resources.

Cultural tours

Cultural tours offer the possibility of knowing in a complete way the rich historical heritage of many relevant places. The history, the great artistic and monumental interest, as well as ecological, are some of the elements that make up this traveling alternative. Guided tours allow enriching knowledge of the historical, artistic and natural gems of places that, to a large extent, are unknown to many.

The cultural tours allow to develop a route of exceptional value in which the landscapes, art, cities and towns, and, above all, the people, and their hospitality, charge a special role for the visitor. The excursions and visits to the main places of interest and the presence of a guide are some of the characteristics of these circuits.

Contact with Nature is an activity that increasingly incorporates older people. It allows you to fully enjoy some of the most interesting places of our country from the ecological point of view, it will allow you to know some exceptional corners of our geography.

The services that are included are those of round trip from the place of residence, stays in selected hotels for the lodging, diet in the hotel according to detail the program, activities of leisure and free time, the excursions and scheduled visits and included as detailed itinerary, accompanying guide, lunches in local restaurants and tickets to places specified in the itinerary.