Catalonia 6D

Cuenca 5d

Kingdom of Navarra 6D

Asturias 5D

Galicia: Saint James’ way 7D

La Rioja and Ribera del Duero 7D

Estremadura gastronomic & enologic 6D

Andalusia gastronomic & enologic 7D

Catalonia Gastronomic & enologic 7D

Basque Country Gastronomic 6D

Asturias Gastronomic 6D

Galicia Gastronomic and Enological

Route of the Quixote 5D

Trip to Alcarria 5D

Route of the Cid campeador 7D

Amanece que no es poco 5D

Doctor Zhivago & The Name of the Rose 5D

The grandfather, The orphanage & The others 6D

The sea inside 5D

France: Eurodisney and Futuroscope 7D

Portugal North 5D

Lisbon Coast and Algarve 6D

Lisbon Coast 6D

Madrid 5D

Muslim and Tartesa Andalusia 7D

Seville and Cádiz 5D

Andalusia Nasrid 6D

Majorca 6D

Valencian coast 5D

Ebro’s delta 5D

Catalonia Modernism Fun 6D

Pyrenees, Barcelona and Port Aventura 6D

Catalan Pyrenees 6D

Aragonese Pyrenees 6D

Kingdom of Navarre 5D

Burgos and La Rioja 5D

Salamanca 5D

Eskadi, tradition and fun

Cantabria, fun and culture 6D

Asturias and Cantabria 6D

Asturias, Culture Adventure 6D

Galicia, Saint James’ Way 6D

Galicia, adventure & culture 6D

South England and Wales

Italy 9D

Perigord Noir 7D

Brittany and Normandy 8D

París 7D

South France & Costa Brava 9D

South Portugal 6D

Lisbon Coast and Algarve 7D

Lisbon Coast 6D

Monumental Portugal 7D

Turistic Portugal 7D

North Portugal and Salamanca

North of Portugal

Portugal and Galicia 7D

Tickets and excursions

We manage the tickets for the main monuments and parks of Spain, Portugal and France, so that our groups do not have to waste time traveling in line.

We also offer excursions in destination for any type of group: 3rd Age, adults, students, pilgrimages, various groups, etc. having transport and guides.

Boat trips and active tourism

We offer different types of boat trips and cruises in interesting tourist and environmental sites.

Another possibility is that of active tourism , ideal activities for groups of students, companies, friends, etc. You can organize activities such as: rafting, climbing, paint ball, canyoning, hiking, horse riding, kayaking, bungee jumping, quad biking, rock climbing, hydro speed …


We have a selection of local restaurants with very good value for lunches en route or in city center during visits. We can also offer you typical destination menus you are visiting even with a show : Galician seafood, Fado dinner in Portugal, suckling pigs and piglets in Castilla, typical Andalusian dinner with flamenco show , etc.

For incentive trips we have a selection of rooms for lunches and dinners where the location, decoration, capacity, comfort and cuisine are taken care of, so that the service in these incentives is perfect.